Fox Euthanized in Gales Ferry

Animal Control Office Received 80 Calls Over Three Weeks

Editor's note: The photo that was initially attached to this article was a photo of a fox given to Patch by the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center. It was not a photo of the fox that was euthanized by Animal Control, and it should not have been attached to this story.

For the past three weeks the Ledyard Animal Control Office has been receiving daily reports of fox sightings from the south end of Gales Ferry. "We received at least 80 calls," Animal Control Officer Kimlyn Marshall said Monday.

The sightings should stop after a fox was euthanized Monday.

At one point, because of the range of the sightings, Marshall's office suspected there could be more than one fox. Calls came in from both sides of Route 12, from Harvard Terrace to Kings Highway and stretching to the Presidential Estates.

But Marshall said Monday she was all but certain the sightings were of the same fox -- an animal she has seen herself on more than a dozen occasions. She said the fox was healthy and appeared well-fed.

"Normally, foxes present no danger to people whatsoever," she said. But foxes can be a problem when they lose their fear of people. "For whatever reason, this fox had grown close to people. It probably was being fed inadvertently" by people who feed their pets outside, she said.

Marshall said she was able to approach to within six feet of the fox. But the fox would bolt when she reached for a net or other device to try to capture the animal.

She said foxes who have lost their fear of people cannot be allowed to remain in a well-populated residential area because they could be startled and nip a child or adult. 

But capturing foxes is difficult, she said, because they are generally too smart to be trapped. Using a tranquilizer gun also is problematic because they could flee before the dart takes effect, only to recover in an area where there are people. 

Marshall said the animal was put down by a professional nuisance wildlife control professional. "It's been a long three weeks," she said.

facts please October 07, 2011 at 03:03 PM
Thank you for the facts. Certainly clears up any confusion we readers of the original story had. We appreciate what you do and realize the importance of it. How does one contribute to your Wildlife Rescue?
Sharon Stegall October 07, 2011 at 07:59 PM
Although the original story was incomplete and caused many of us to get very upset at the apparent needless killing of wildlife, I do see some good resulting out of all this. The citizens of Ledyard/Gales Ferry truly care about animals and their community. Nobody discounted the fox's death as trivial because it was "just a fox". Thanks to Bill Thorndike for bringing us together over the livelihood of a wild animal and Kimlyn Marshall, Maze Stephen and Farmer Pete for taking action.
Maze Stephan October 07, 2011 at 11:28 PM
Wildlife Rescuers of CT is a non-profit group with a Board of Officers. We volunteer throughout the area but especially support the Denison Nature Center in Mystic. My name is Rev. Maze Stephan. I am the Director and Senior Rehab Expert for the group. I handle all the phone calls and act as a dispatcher to our volunteers. Most wildlife issues can be resolved by offering my free advice and explaining the "natural history or inclinations" of the animal. I personally like doing the "critical care of injured & orphaned" wildlife. Once an animal is stabilized, it is passed on to licensed rehabbers in our group or at the Nature Center. We need help in many areas. Donations of animal crates, towels, fleece, paper towels, medical supplies, caging, money, feed, etc is greatly appreciated. Donations: Wildlife Rescuers of CT - 763 Lantern Hill Rd, Ledyard, CT 06339 Volunteer: (860) 961-1820 or WildlifeCT@gmail.com THANK YOU! We truly appreciate every bit of help in saving wildlife!
Kimlyn Marshall October 08, 2011 at 02:15 AM
The officers of Ledyard Animal Control and the residents of Ledyard really appreciate the advice and support from Wildlife Rescuers of CT. Thank-you!
Pam Ensley October 09, 2011 at 11:56 AM
I find this all very interesting. It's amazing that info (many times inaccurate info) spreads like wildfire in a small town. LOL! But, in the end, we all come together. LOVE Gales Ferry/Ledyard!


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