You’re It!

Five ways to play tag!

Who doesn’t have memories of playing tag as a child? Those immortal words, “you’re it,” incite me to start running even to this day.

While I can only remember two or three variations of tag, a quick Internet search results in way more than one could imagine.

Played all over the world, tag is a game that never goes out of style. Most versions simply require two or more players and some open space--no equipment or score-keeping necessary.

Kids love running, chasing, and tagging (and they don’t need to know what great exercise it is--hello, early bedtime!).

Here are 5 different ways to play:

1. Zombie Tag

“The person who initially [is] "it" is a Zombie. When the zombie tags someone, they also become a zombie and also help[s] tag players who haven't been tagged yet. The game continues until everyone has been tagged. This is a good version of tag when you have players of various ages or running abilities.”

2. Vegetable and Fruit Tag

“Vegetable and Fruit Tag is fun and demands quick thinking. The person who is It chases the other players. If the tagger comes close by and is ready to tag a runner, that runner must quickly squat down and say the name of a fruit or vegetable. They are then safe and free to continue in the game. If the runner fails to do this and is tagged, they become It. The name of a fruit or vegetable can only be used once in each game, so players need to remember what has already been called out!

The more players the better- five or six is a good minimum, but less can play. Remind the children to tag gently and on the shoulder or below.”

3. Flashlight Tag

“You'll need a large area that's not too hazardous to negotiate in the dark.

One player is designated "it" and given a flashlight. "It" counts to 50 while the other players hide. When "it" finds someone, he or she shines the flashlight on the other player. That player then becomes "it," and the first player is free to go hide.

Some say that the flashlight must remain on at all times, so that the hiders can see "it" approaching and may change their hiding places. In another variation, "it" puts the tagged players in "jail," where they can be rescued by other players.”

4. How Many Miles To London?  

“‘It' is blindfolded. All players stand in a line and ask `it' for directions. `It' tells them how many paces forward, backward, left or right they must go. `It' is led to the starting point and must follow his own directions. When `it' is where he thinks the other players are, he must try to touch one. Players are allowed to duck and sway to avoid `its' touch, but must not move their feet. Any player who is tagged by it, or moves his feet to avoid being tagged, is `it' for the next game.”

5. Rainbow Tag

“Object of the Game: To avoid being caught by the rainbow catcher.

First: Choose a “rainbow catcher”. They will stand in the middle of a large play area. Next assign all the remaining players different colors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. (Don’t let the rainbow catcher hear what colors each person is assigned.)

Play: The rainbow catcher then calls out a color. All the players that have been assigned that color try and run past the catcher to the other side of the play area. The rainbow catcher tries to tag as many of children as they can before they reach the other side. The kids who are tagged become rainbow catchers and stand in the middle to help tag other players on the next round. Sometimes the rainbow catcher can yell “Rainbow!!” and all the players must try and reach the other side. The last person caught becomes the new rainbow catcher.”

And if you want more, check out the sites below:




Who will you TAG today?


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