Ledyard Real Estate Transactions: Route 12 Property Sold For $300K

Property transfers recorded September 27 – October 4

The date below represents the day the property transfer was recorded in town hall, not the date of the actual sale.

September 28
Curt I. and Jennifer J.B. Cheslog transferred property at 21 Lincoln Drive to Christopher M Santacroce, of Norwich. No payment information is available.

Stoddard's Warf, LLC transferred property located at 1899 Route 12 to Gilbert F. and Barbara J. Joran for $300,000.

October 1
Thelma M. Rezendes, of Groton, transferred property located at 306 Shewville Road to Kerry Manley, of Preston, for $154,000.

Plaza One Realty Co., of Bloomington, Illinois, transferred property bordered by Meetinghouse Lane and Black Watch Lane and is designated as Lot 439 on a map titled, "The Highlands" to Chad C. Nowak, of Groton, for $124,000.

October 2
Cynthia Coombe, of Stonington, transferred property located at 12 Balcksmith Drive to Melissa Chubbuck for $154,000.


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