Private Transit A Possibility For Foxwoods Staff

Foxwoods' employee shuttles shut down last week


A private transit service is an idea being considered to replace 's employee shuttles, which shut down their service last week, The Bulletin reported.

According to the article, Foxwoods' staff from Norwich has had to find new ways of getting to work, including expensive car rides or lengthy rides on the Southeast Area Transit District bus service.

“Some will have to spend $70 per week,” Alderman H. Tucker Braddock Jr., a representative on the SEAT board of directors, said in the article, which notes that the car rides cost about $5 each way. “That’s too much. These people aren’t making much money as it is. It’s a difficult situation.”

The private transit service would only make two stops, the article says, Norwich and Foxwoods.

REVMAN March 26, 2013 at 02:08 PM
Another reason why they are going into bankruptcy(I know it is impossible)with getting Federal grants(our tax dollars FREE) and no transportation for their help.


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