Birth Announcements: Sept. 9 – Sept. 19

Birth announcements from Lawrence + Memorial Hospital

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital reports the following births:

9/10/12 Bruce C. Farmer and Karissa (Callaghan) Farmer, daughter, Ledyard.

9/10/12 Timothy Perry and Vikki Perry, daughter, Colchester.

9/11/12 Rodolfo A. Herrera and Consuelo Guardado, son, Groton.

9/12/12 Kacy Ludwig, son, Uncasville.

9/12/12 Nilson J. Parraga and Nercy (Minaya) Parraga, daughter, Norwich.

9/12/12 Ty M. Woolven and Elizabeth (Villarreal) Woolven, son, Groton.

9/13/12 Cecilia Beauchamps, daughter, New London.

9/13/12 Nicholas J. Fusari and Kristina (Howe) Fusari, daughter, Norwich.

9/14/12 Nicholas J. De La Cruz and Stephanie (Gleason) De La Cruz, son, Groton.

9/14/12 Jose M. de Andrade and Ercila Vieira, son, New London.

9/15/12 Christopher M. Perryman and Kyasha Goode, son, New London.

9/15/12 David Padilla and Nicole (DeLucco) Padilla, son, Niantic.

9/15/12 Christopher G. Arzamarski and Erin Sebastianelli, daughter, Groton.

9/16/12 Jessie Ocasio and Luisa (Brito) Ocasio, daughter, New London.

9/17/12 Corey A. Harris and Ashley (Wilson) Harris, son, Groton.

9/17/12 Shawn J. Brown and Dianis Mercado, daughter, Taftville.

9/17/12 William H. A. Taylor and Donna (Morgan) Taylor, daughter, Groton.

9/18/12 Thomas C. Danner and Lindsay Danner, daughter, Groton.

9/18/12 Larry L. Harris and Shermaine (Carter) Harris, son, Groton.

9/18/12 Joshua J. Houle and Nicole (Stanis) Houle, son, Groton.

9/18/12 Mark S. Minar and Lenka (Korabova) Minar, daughter, Pawcatuck.

9/18/12 Adam D. Wrighten and Griselidys Rosario, son, Quaker Hill.

9/19/12 Colleen Barker, daughter, Groton.

9/19/12 Travis L. Smith and Bethan Smith, son, Gales Ferry.


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