Connecticut Becoming a Haven For Southern Rescue Dogs

A rescue group here has brought in hundreds of dogs from southern states that might otherwise be put to death.

Connecticut has taken in hundreds of rescue dogs from the South, thanks to animal groups operating in this state.

The Rescue Dog Village is just one organization here in Connecticut, and part of a growing trend, that is helping to save the lives of dogs from out of state that would otherwise be euthanized, according to a report in the Connecticut Post.

However some in-state rescue groups, such as the Animal Rescue Foundation, question the need to rescue out-of-state dogs when there are so many in Connecticut that need help. 

"People think when they're adopting a dog from down South they're doing a greater good," Nicole Cammack, one of the directors of Animal Rescue Foundation in Terryville that has 20 dogs, told the Post. "It really does hurt us. People don't realize that," she said. "It's important to fix the problem at home (in Connecticut). There's a homeless animal epidemic."

Karen A January 26, 2013 at 01:19 PM
We rescued a puppy who was taken from a high-kill shelter in Tennessee by CPR (Companion Pet Rescue), an organization that works with Connecticut. We only adopted her after visiting several of the local shelters numerous times, but all we ever found were older dogs with behavioral problems, so sometimes adopting from out of state is the only option, where they have something like 10 dogs to every 1 of Connecticut's. Given that dog ownership is a huge responsibility and a lifetime obligation, I don't think we should push people into adopting a dog unless it's the perfect fit for their family, so I can't see the harm in expanding where you look. In fact, we found our dog on petfinder.com when we typed in our local area code, since the TN dogs were being sent to CT. CPR brought dogs to a Dog Days event we attended, where there were dogs from various organizations, including numerous local ones. I don't understand the quote that people consider adopting from the south to be a greater good; I think most people just believe that adopting a dog from anywhere is a good thing.
Paul January 27, 2013 at 12:41 AM
@Karen.. Couldnt have said it better.. We have adopted 2 dogs through "Labs for rescue" One from Louisiana and one from Alabama. The third, fourth, etc, etc will also be through Labs For Rescue.. None of them knew where they came from... AND WE DONT CARE.. We needed them and they needed us... A WIN/WIN


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