Daily Five: Upcoming Traffic Delays And If It Rains Saturday...

Five things to know on Thursday, June 21.


1. Today is forecast to be sunny, with a high near 96 with heat index values as high as 100, according to the National Weather Service. Tonight will be mostly clear, with a low around 69.

2. Residents seeking a break from the hot temperatures today are welcome to visit ry and the the , the and to cool off.

3. The high school graduation is Saturday at 6 p.m.  outside on the football field but it is forecast to rain. If it does, the graduation will be held in the auditorium (which actually accommodates more people than the bleachers outside do) and will be telecast into the cafeteria to the overflow crowd.

4. There is a sidewalk art contest today at the Bill Library. Stop in and see the artwork as soon as you can because it won’t be there long.

5. Later this month, if you find yourself backed up in traffic anywhere on Route 12 from Christie Hill Road up to Norwich State Hospital in Preston, direct your complaints to Mayor John Rodolico. He said the grinding and resurfacing will start near the end of the June and will finish within 54 days. He opted for traffic delays during commuter hours over nighttime construction because loss of sleep is harder to defend than traffic delays.

Vita Congdon June 29, 2012 at 12:17 AM
I truly believe Mayor John Rodolico has made a HUGE mistake in his decision regarding road work on Route 12 during the day over nighttime hours. Lack of sleep?; Those who live on Route 12 between Christy Hill Road and Norwich State Hospital are far and few, and most likely they are used to noise. Route 12 is a busy street I'm sure they hear sirens, trucks, cars going back and forth to the casino's, motorcycles, and I'm sure on the weekend nights there is a lot more of those noises. Let's talk about the workers that are doing this work. How hot it will be during the day for them to be out there paving, when they can be doing this in the evening and instead of 54 days of paving they most likely will knock this job off in half that time. The saddest part of the Mayor's decision is how all the work during the day will affect our local businesses on Route 12 that depend on their customers, who most likely will not sit in traffic all day to get from point A to point B. The people that use route 12 to get to work will no doubt suffer in traffic and have to leave extra early. What about their loss of sleep, how is the Mayor justifying that? How does the Mayor plan on justifying the loss of revenue our local businesses will suffer. Shame on you Mayor John Rodolico; seems to me and most of our town that your decision on opting out is the wrong decision! Hopefully you will change your mind.


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