Ledge Light Promotes Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Ledge Light hopes to team up with CVS to promote Groton drop-off locations and rid households of unused prescription drugs.


The Ledge Light Health District is applying for a grant to help promote the use of prescription drug drop-off boxes. They hope to utilize a direct mailing to Ledyard residents and inform them of the nearest drop off locations and the environmental impact of flushing expired and unused prescriptions drugs.

Groton pharmacies are already using stickers with the prescription drug drop-off locations and if Ledge Light gets the grant, they’ll look into printing stickers to be distributed at the according to Carolyn Wilson of Ledge Light Health District.

The two nearest drop off boxes are located at the City of Groton Police Department and the Groton Town Police Department.

“The word is spreading, even people in Ledyard are starting to talk about it,” said Wilson.

Ledge Light will also use money from the grant to post 16 “No Smoking” signs around Ledyard early this spring.

“We’re still working with the design and wording,” said Wilson.

The funding will come from a Local Prevention Council grant and will support the agency’s mission to raise awareness and counter addictions and underage drugs and alcohol use.


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