Ledyard Public Works Continues to Clean Roads and Drains

As a consequence of clearing roads and unclogging drains, they may push snow to your driveway.


As you may have noticed, Public Works crews are still cleaning up after this weekend's blizzard because. The 22 to 24 inches of snow piled up fasther than crews could clear and with inclement weather expected, now's no time to rest.

"This is essential to open drain ways and make room for any additional snow we will be seeing in the next few weeks." Masalin said the the rain Monday revealed several blocked drains around town.

The efforts to push snow back further will impact residents by refilling cleared driveway entrances said Masalin.

"We understand the aggravation this might bring, but there is simply no other way to efficiently deal with this; this is what occurs at the curbline when we plow."

Masalin said that he and Public Works personell "appreciate your patience and resilience and all the support and positive feedback"


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