Week in Review: School Relocation, Presidential Debate, Missing Dogs

A round-up of the week's top stories on the Ledyard Patch.


This was another big week debate week and Patch covered it live across the nation. SECT Patches invited local politicians to a debate viewing party at Goldy’s in New London for reactions during the debate. Stonington’s Feng Xue Sure was there and he shared his impression of this election, which is the first one he’ll vote in after becoming a U.S. citizen in March.

People also weighed in on who won the debate and Patch’s Flashpoll asked people like your neighbors and friends what they thought of the debate.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Graner proposed at the Board of Education’s Wednesday meeting to move all of next year’s sixth graders into the Juliet W. Long School next year. The move he says will bring the students and teachers closer to the middle school, which will make it easier to collaborate and share resources.

The move comes as a reaction the new state standards that need to be implemented and that which the students will be tested on in 2014. Most Ledyard students have teachers who are already instituting new curriculum, but today’s fifth graders are in the unique position of not having a certified math teacher to help them achieve (or benefit) from the elevated standards that they’ll be held to next year.

Three to five years is how long it may take to move the sixth grade into the middle school with teachers certified in math, science, language arts and social studies. Their movement is contingent upon the completion of the middle school construction project, which may result in a new wing or a whole new school.

The move will open up space for the district to offer full-day kindergarten. The school board heard the proposal and Graner is showing the plan to parents. At some point the board will vote on the plan.

Ledyard posted the ballots you’ll see at next month’s polling places.

It’s getting spooky out there and Ledyard Patch wants to see pictures of the town’s scariest houses! Submit them to this photo gallery.

Two Ledyard dogs are still missing. As you walk your own dogs keep an eye out for Shaddow and DAX.

The third annual haunted trail is coming up again. Proceeds from the trail benefit the Lauren Candler scholarship fund, which has given more than 19,000 to Ledyard students since 2006.

Cindy Eilenberger October 21, 2012 at 12:22 PM
Happy to say that Dax was found Friday night about 10PM. We are still looking for Dax and have started a Facebook page called, Bring Shaddow Home. Feel free to join if you are able to be part of the search for Shaddow.


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