Obama vs Romney ...Title Fight

What if it were a Boxing Match?

Romney vs Obama from the judges perspective

If you look at the 3 Presidential Debates as a 15 round boxing match (yes I am that old and I can remember 15 round boxing matches) you might come away with a slightly changed perspective.

Denver::Round 1 :: The two fighters feel each other out but Romney is more the aggressor Romney wins round 10-9

Round 2:: Obama's footwork is slow. Obama immediately backpedals on last fur years. Romney begins to hit him consistently with jabs. Romney wins round 10-8

Round 3:: Obama looks like he did not warm up properly. Romney beginning to hit him with combinations. Obama hangs in and try to counter. Romney lands too mnay combo's and the champ seems dazed. Romney wins round 10-8

Round 4:: Obama hits Romney with (Big Bird) Punch looked worse than it was. Obam scoring and moving slightly better. Obama wins round 10-9

Round 5:: Obama has not yet even broken a sweat and it is costing him. Romney lands 2 hay-makers and backs the champ up.. Romney wins round 10-8Hofstra::

Round 6:: Stalemate round. Both fighters dance too much and throw too few punches. Tough to pick a winner. Very little action Obama wins Round 10-9

Round 7:: Champ and the challenger circle in the center of the ring aqnd then begin going toe to toe in the best round of the fight. Both Romney and Obama land big blows but it is Romney who eventually stuns the champ. Obama backs up and Romney continues to score Romney wins round 10-9

Round 8:: Romney smells blood in the water and goes for the kill(Benghazi). Obama clearly on the ropes in complete defense mode. Romney about to land monster uppercut when referee Candy Crowley steps in and claims and unwarranted fowl against Romney. She takes 1 point away for not having his gloves tied properly. Romney's corner is irate. Obama is given time to recover. Romney wins round 10-9

Round 9:: Obama sensing his title may be slipping away begins to be the agresor. The crowd gets behind him. The pack house at Hofstra all leans left. Obama wins round 10-9

Round 10:: Obamas best round of the fight so far. He lands 47 jabs and has the challenger back-peddling. Romney ties to come back towards the end of the frame but the timer buzzes. Obama wins round 10-8Florida

Round 11:: Snoozefest. A dance between friends. Maybe both fighters are exhausted but round 11 comes and goes without fanfare. Obama wins round 10-9

Round 12:: Obama and Romney circle each other again with little action. Obama throws a few more jabs. No blood spilled here. Obama wins round 10-9

Round 13:: Romney gets a second wind and begins to pepper the champ with right and left. Obama the skilled defensive fighter does well to cover up. Romney wins round 10-9

Round 14:: Obama now can see the finish line and after smelling salts or something he is out chasing Romney around the ring. No real damage but he is throwing more punches. The crowd again seems to favor the champ. Obama wins round 10-9

Round 15:: Fight seems totally up for grabs. Everyone with a alternate opinion. Romney comes out quick but his punches have lost some zip. Obama getting hit but in no danger here of being knocked out. Obama counters with some body blows to try to bring the challenger down. Neither fighter has enough left in the tank to hurt the other Obama wins round 10-9

JUDGES SCORECARD::::Romney 141 Obama 140


Debate winner and new champion Mitt Romney

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Christine Rene-Howard November 03, 2012 at 11:59 AM
BWAHAHAHA!! I woke up with severe arthritis pain, I needed the laugh!!
Michael Pepin November 03, 2012 at 12:27 PM
First of all, the president (whoever it is) CANNOT say which base is going or staying. That is the job of the BRAC committee. I'm a retired US Navy Submariner and spent most of my career in Groton. Since BRAC started, the Subase has been suggested EACH round and the light has been seen that it is in the best interests of everyone to keep it. I was an aide to the CO of the Charleston, SC base (RADM Oden) and was present at many of the BRAC discussions that eventually closed that base. They didn't tear down any of the buildings BUT they did move the commands -- both ashore and afloat. So, saying that they can't move the Groton Subase is false. Boats can be moved easily - it happens all the time. It would be difficult to move the physical trainers, but it could be done. The worst part of losing the Groton Subase would be the impact on the local economy. Groton, and the surrounding areas, rely on the subase and EB for a great amount of of their revenue and employment base. Bottom line. However, having a president in office who is not looking to cut the military (more than it already has been) would be a great benefit to both the military and our local economy. Just saying...
Peace Maker November 03, 2012 at 05:50 PM
No-Bama ! We tried Obama's policies and we are NOT better off now than you were 4 yrs ago.As were seeing in NJ, NY, & PA, America runs on energy. Since Obama began, gas prices have increased from an avg of $1.89 he inherited, to the current $3.91, a 111 percent increase. O's energy policies have affected the price of oil. Making war on coal, cutting private drilling leases by two-thirds, wasting billions on unproven alternative energy sources, and refusing to approve the Keystone Pipeline are just a few of the ways Obama enabled oil producers to think it's alright to raise their prices. With the bailouts and QE 1,2 & 3, Obama's national debt now stands at $16 trillion and climbing. Worse yet, President Obama seems to think that he can borrow and spend our country out of debt. If re-elected he will borrow more and spend more but will not reduce the debt. Just think the next generation will have to pay China for Obama's folly! What will we sell to pay off China? Natural resources on public lands? Let's remember family income under the previous administration reached a national average of $54,962. Under Obama it decreased to $50,054, a reduction of $4,908 per family, while taxes, food, gas, electricity, and heating fuel have increased. When Obama took office there were 39.3 Americans living in poverty. Under Obama that number increased to 46.2 million, or an increase of 6.9 million. If you vote for Obama, you will enable this down-ward spiral will continue.
REVMAN November 03, 2012 at 09:15 PM
Bloomberg was a Democrat turned republican then independant(to get elected) and now is a multi billionare(Romney rich but not that rich) turned IDIOT and Colin Powell is BLACK so quoting those two are kind of funny.I am not better off than I was 4 years ago not by a long shot,but another 4 years og Obama will just about distroy our economy and I will be the first one to say I TOLD YOU SO.
REVMAN November 03, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Sherri --Under Obama no social security raises for 2 year first ever in 75 years ,but this year is a 1.7% raise the lowest in 30 years,food prices are up,gas up,fuel oil,taxes are up prescriptions drugs are up.And yes I am elderly.He is not going change S.S. for the elderly only the younger gen who WILL not ever see S.S. and one of the reasons(plus it it going bankrupt) is the 2% not being put into it for going on 3 years which cost the younger gen thousands upon retirement.The young people are to busy to vote because all I ever see them do is walk into me in stores while they'er texting.


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