Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

Generators can cause deadly build ups of the gas.


As Hurricane Sandy makes its way up the coast and area hardware stores and Ocean State Job Lot are sold out generators – its safe to assume that Ledyard residents anticipate a power outage in the next few days. Generator users should take precautions against carbon monoxide, which can accumulate to deadly levels when homes are being powered improperly with portable electric generators.

According to the guidelines of the Home Safety Council, portable electric generators should only be used outside and shouldn't be placed in homes or garages. Gas and charcoal grills shouldn't be used in a closed garage either.

Ovens can also create carbon monoxide and should only be used for cooking purposes and never to heat a home, according to the guidelines.

If you have a carbon monoxide alarm and it sounds, be sure to leave your home immediately and call 911.

Carbon monoxide is particularly dangerous because it is invisible and odorless.


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