Ledyard Police Keeping Close Watch on Schools

Lt. Michael Finkelstein said the officers are meant to increase a sense of security in Ledyard schools, Graner says police presence definitely calming anxieties.


Ledyard police were out in force at each of Ledyard's schools standing by, answering questions and calming the nerves of students and parents Monday.

Officer Rick McSwain was greeting students and parents walking into Gallup Hill School Monday morning.

"Are you here because of what happened," asked one student stepping off the bus. “Did they get the bad guy,” asked her friend.

McSwain answered yes to the girls with questions, high-fived other students and praised another for wearing a New York Giants cap.

"I think the police presence was one of the factors that calmed peolple down," said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Graner. "It definitely helped."

Gallup Hill's principal Pam Austen said they weren’t planning to bring up Friday’s shootings in school today in an attempt to return to normalcy but two psychologists are on site as a resouce for any students who are trying to cope with the tragedy.

Graner said they have not recieved referrals for a psychologist in most schools, but there were some.

At the middle school, Principal Greg Keith dedicated a moment of silence to the families of Newtown and said that the rest of the day will be routine. Officer Dan Gagnon patrolled the halls with K-9 Ringo who quickly became the the center of attention and adoration for students walking by on their way to class.

Ledyard Police Lt. Michael Finkelstein said police officers are assigned to the school for the day at least, but maybe longer depending on what is decided Monday afternoon.

Christie Poirier Seckley December 17, 2012 at 06:45 PM
While I know it wasn't physically, necessary...I am so proud and thankful that LPD was tending to our emotional needs, as parents and students. I am especially thankful for the awesome officer at GHS, greeting everyone, with a smile, at the door! (Mc something...sorry, never met him) I would feel just fine, having him posted there, every day! It was comforting, knowing how much they care. Thank you!
Julian Lupienski December 23, 2012 at 01:56 PM
if has been decided a police presence is necessary at all of our schools, i do not want funding, in their placement, coming out of the b o e budget. this is what the town has decided then the town as a whole pays.


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