Democrats Endorse Tim Bowles For 42nd Seat [with VIDEO]

If elected the Preston selectman would represent Ledyard in Hartford.


The Democratic Nominating Committee endorsed to represent Ledyard, parts of Montville and Preston in the state House of Representatives Tuesday.

Bowles has worked in state and local government for 29.5 years, he said, in various roles and departments.

“I feel really ready for this,” said Bowles. “My experiences lend themselves well for serving in this position.”

If elected, Bowles will take the seat of . Reynolds announced he’ll run for the state senator seat upon

but doubt surrounds his eligibility. Lowell does not currently live in the 42nd District, according to Town Clerk Mike Curley, but Lowell is permitted to run for office while residing outside the district. Curley said if elected, Lowell will have to move to the 42nd District before he can serve in that office.

Bowles said he plans to build a strong coalition of area representatives and senators. He said he’ll follow Reynolds’ example and claim the district’s “fair share of state funding.”

Bowles said that attracting high paying jobs to the area and finding efficiencies in the state government are two of his priorities.

Bowles listed a partial resume at the meeting:

  • Energy Division of the Office of Policy Management
  • Legislature liaison for OPM
  • Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, chair
  • Connecticut State Chapter of the Sierra Club
  • American Federation of Teachers Union, officer
  • Children Behavioral Health Consultant at LEARN
  • Preston’s Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Preston selectman, second term
Sharon Pealer May 24, 2012 at 11:55 PM
I really think that this attack is out of line. First of all Mr. Lupienski ,you have the district numbers wrong as has been pointed out by Mr. Smith. The 43rd district is not involved at all. Mr. Lowell stepped forward when no one else was ready to put their name on the line. In doing so, as he told the RTC, he and his wife had decided when this very question came up, that they would rent or buy in the 42nd so that he would be in compliance with the law. Mr. Lowell does not deserve the sickening attacks that you are bringing forward, It is time for you to ask anyone who was at the meeting about Mr. Lowell's intentions.
fran May 26, 2012 at 01:57 AM
Julian, I have come forward. Sorry I would have answered sooner but I have been dealing with issues like finding a place to live once the boundry becomes law. To be judged as a person with low moral standards from someone I have never met, well is funny. If you like I will gladly meet you for a cup of coffee and you can judge me in real life. In closing, I hope you and your loved ones have a fantastic holiday weekend and my offer to have a cup of coffee with you stands. Take care.
Howard Smith May 26, 2012 at 04:30 AM
Julian do us all a favor and proof read your posts before posting. It tough to decipher the rantings when the grammar is so bad
Howard Smith May 26, 2012 at 04:39 AM
Looking a t Tim Bowles resume it reads like the prototypical Democrat public sector employee. This will be an excellent contrast for the voters, a real clear choice, big spending, big government anti business Democrat and a smaller government , free market Republican. let it begin.
Jim Johnson September 30, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Mr. Lowell Thank you for running, and a special thanks for your service to country. You have my vote. It was very nice of you to invite Mr. Lupienski for a cup of coffee. The sad part is, it would be a waste of time, people as Mr. Lupienski have tunnel vision and tend not to listen to anyone but them selves. And Mr. Lupienski please do us all the favor of proof reading your disparaging remarks before posting them in a public forum. I am sure you are a very intelligent man , it just looks as if you're the town fool when reading your post.


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