VIDEO: Mayor, Immigrants Group Have Testy Exchange

Tensions rose at this morning's Latino Expo press conference when Community Immigrants of East Haven members attempted a second time to personally hand-deliver their letter asking Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr to resign.

Things got a bit testy at this morning's when members of attempted to hand deliver a letter to Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr requesting he resign from his post.

The exchange — which is shown in its entirety in the video above — occurred at the tail end of this morning's media event, which was held to officially announce that this year's expo would be held at on May 5-6.

The immigrants group organized the , which took place in East Haven .

'It's On My Desk'

When Herman Zuniga, president of Community Immigrants of East Haven, asked Maturo if he would accept the letter the group wanted to hand to him, the mayor replied, "No. This is not the opportunity to make a political... you delivered the message. It's on my desk."

This is the grassroots group has attempted to directly deliver their letter to the mayor. (The letter is posted in the gallery that accompanies this article.) The first time earlier this month the mayor was reportedly out of town, which created .

Deb Gould, the founder and producer of the Latino Expo, accepted the letter on Maturo's behalf. 

'No Opportunity'

The exchange continued with another member of the immigrants group, , voicing her frustration at an apparent inability to meet with and speak with the mayor.

"We've had no opportunity to speak with him, he's been hiding," Quinto said.

"Every time we go and we ask for the mayor, his secretary always says he's not available — he's not in," she said.

But Maturo responded that his door is always open to any resident.

"I have never refused anybody to my office. The door is always open," Maturo replied.

"If you give me your name and number I can call you up when I get back to the office. Can I have your name and number, anything? I'll call you, I'll come over to your house," the mayor said.

'Affording You the Front Door'

Gould then stepped in again, directly addressing Quinto, who "as a resident of East Haven," continued to demand to speak directly with Maturo, who she said "was hiding" behind the expo promoter. Maturo at that time was standing behind Gould on the stage.

"This conversation is affording you the front door... Any other questions," Gould told Quinto.

The press conference was then concluded, with members of the immigrants group speaking to members of the media outside in the high school's hallway.

East Haven Patch will have additional coverage and video from this morning's press conference.

ASmith March 12, 2012 at 04:57 PM
Miss Becki respect your opinion but those other fairs, they are organized by those ethnic groups. I go to them too, but they are run by church folk or local community groups. This here thing is run by a private enterprise. This Gould lady is not latino and the town jumped on the band wagon so fast, did they do any investigatin into it? I am not against a latino festival, jes wish the proceeds went to a latino cause. I think if this new community group of latinos organized a festival it would be a good idea and if the proceeds went to an organization benefitting latinos, like the Greek Festival proceeds help the greek church and the irish one helps the irish community center, that would be a great idea. And then it was presented to the folks properly it would be well received. Folks are lookin at this here move as nothin but a Maturo shuck and jive dance to make his name look better nationally.
Lou March 12, 2012 at 05:07 PM
After reading these posts, I have come to the conclusion that Becki "Pastor" is indeed an alias for Father Manship.
Ann Della Camera March 12, 2012 at 06:26 PM
Becki, you really are in bad need of a life, New Haven would love to have you move there.
Ann Della Camera March 12, 2012 at 06:35 PM
ASmith, you are truly a sick person,you insult one type of people and try to defend another. People from the south are intelligent and here leagally I might add. I tjhink you need a complete overhaul, because, the people of the south are someday going to march on your house.
Julie Weisberg March 12, 2012 at 06:37 PM
Everyone: This thread is now closed to further comments.


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