Election 2012: Exit Polls Show Women Helped Obama, Murphy to Easy Win in Connecticut

Both easily won the state, but with a big help from female voters.

Exit polling in Connecticut shows there's a gender gap in this state that works well for Democrats. The polling by the Associated Press also shows that while voters preferred Democrat Chris Murphy over Republican Linda McMahon, most didn't care for either of the candidate's ethics.

Here's a rundown of some of the other Connecticut exit polling conclusions:

  • Being a woman wasn't a huge help for Linda McMahon. She couldn't convince enough female voters who lean Democratic to cross the political aisle and vote for her.
  • Six out 10 Connecticut women prefer Obama. The president's easy win in our blue state can be credited, in a large part, to women.
  • More Catholics voted for McMahon, more Protestants and other Christians backed Murphy. But those of little or no faith supported him 75 percent more than McMahon.
  • Most voters said they weren't all that concerned about McMahon's former role with World Wrestling Entertainment (she served as its CEO), though Democrats sought to make it a campaign issue.
  • Independents in Connecticut make up a third of the electorate, and they were fairly evenly split between Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. Fewer of them voted for Obama this year, however, than they did in 2008.
LiveForFreedom November 07, 2012 at 10:09 PM
Women could not identify with Romney due to the success of the summer campaign to disparage Romney. Polling data said that women were concerned most with two things: Contraception woman's rights 68% s on the exit poll The Economy 77% on the exit poll We heard from the media talk shows was his offshore bank accounts, Cayman Islands, Romney's garage elevator for his expensive cars and other nonsense. Democratic strategist James Carville said last night on CNN that the Obama camp successfully used familiar 'talking point buttons' to scare women and seniors. Using the tactic that Romney would take away contraceptives. They used the tactic that Romney would take away grandmas social security. It worked in 2008 and in 2012. Instead of focusing on the real issues, 9.0% unemployment, record home foreclosures, the Fiscal cliff, debt ceiling, $16,500,000,000,000 dollars in debt, trade inbalance with China, no jobs for high graduates, uncontrolled spending and high taxes on the middle class. The Democrat smoke screen worked. Now Obama must make good on promises to tax the wealthy wage earners. Congress needs more money. The Democrats will cut Defense programs. Goodbye sub base and Pratt & Whitney. The Democrats will not cut Social programs. High wage earners must now "pay your fair share" and help pay the government debt, fund Obamacare and keep big government with needed revenue. After all, they are the 1%, who do think he was talking about?


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