Election 2012: Ledyard Results

Ledyard votes for Obama; Courtney wins Ledyard; Murphy wins Ledyard; Coutu wins Ledyard votes in 19th District state Senate race, Preston selectman Tim Bowles elected to the 42nd District in state House; incumbent Ted Moukawsher wins 40th District in st


Residents swarmed the polls early Tuesday and backed up the queue from the gymnasium down the hall and out the door at Ledyard Center School. Residents didn't have to wait as long as some towns who waited more than one hour to vote and Ledyard residents weren't complaining.

"This is my right and I truly appreciate it," said one resident in the middle of the queue at Ledyard Center School.

Ledyard voted with the state and re-elected President Barack Obama Tuesday but the democratic ticket won only by a few more than 100 votes.  The Obama-Biden ticket received 1,844 votes to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s 1,717.

Ledyard elected Democrat Chris Murphy to the U.S. Senate but not by much. In a very tight race against Republican Linda McMahon, Murphy received 1,747 of Ledyard’s votes to McMahon’s 1,689.

In the 2nd Congressional District race, Democrat Joe Courtney squeaked by to first-timer Paul Formica of East Lyme. Courtney received 2,245 votes, only 25 more than Formica, who received 2,124 votes in Ledyard.

Locally, Democrat Tim Bowles defeated Republican Mike France for the 42nd seat in the state House. France won in Ledyard with 1,781 votes to Bowles' 1,584 but ulltimately lost by about 300 votes in Preston, Bowle's home field. 

Republican Chris Coutu won 1,841 of Ledyard's votes to Democrat Cathy Osten's 1,555; Republican Andrew Lavery garnered 520 votes to Democrat Ted Moukawsher's 462.

The Ledyard votes above are final, check back in as the voting tallies are updated in the grid above.


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