House Votes To Repeal The Death Penalty

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said he plans to sign the Connecticut bill into law.


The Connecticut House of Representatives voted on Wednesday 86-62 in favor of repealing the death penalty in the state.

. Shortly after the House version passed around 11 p.m., Gov. Dannel P. Malloy issued a press release saying, "When (the bill) gets to my desk I will sign it.”

“I want to be careful in the tone of my remarks, out of respect for the gravity of the issue at hand and out of respect for people on both sides of the issue," Malloy said. "When I sign this bill, Connecticut will join 16 other states and almost every other industrialized nation in moving toward what I believe is better public policy."

With Malloy's signature, Connecticut will be the fifth state in five years to do away with capital punishment.

“For decades, we have not had a workable death penalty,” Maloy said. “Only one person’s been executed in Connecticut in the last 52 years, and he volunteered for it.”

As reported in The New York Times, the only states in the northeast left with the death penalty are New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

The Hartford Courant reported that the 11 inmates currently on death row — which includes the two killers in the Cheshire home invasion, Joshua Komisarjevsky and Stephen Hayes — will still face execution.

Because of this exclusion, House Republican leader Larry Cafero called the legislation a "fraud on the public."

Malloy said in his statement, going forward, the state will have a system that allows for those who commit the worst crimes to be locked away for life.

“Let’s throw away the key and have them spend the rest of their natural lives in jail,” the governor said.

Ben Jealous, national president of the NAACP, to show support for the repeal and to mark the two-month anniversary of Georgia’s execution of Troy Davis, called Connecticut "the tipping point state" in the nation's battle to abolish the death penalty in all 50 states.

LiveForFreedom April 12, 2012 at 07:20 PM
The Death Penalty is for convicted murderers of the most heinous crimes where the evidence is so overwhelming for conviction. Viscious murderers that showed no remorse for their victims, no conscience that distinguishes right from wrong. Death by Lethal Injection is too humane. Death by hanging or by the electric chair is more appropriate. God forbid. When the next tragedy of a home invasion in Connecticut happens; when a 12 year old girl is raped and set on fire in her own bed; when her sister is raped and her throat is slashed; when her mother is stabbed to death in her bedroom; when the father is beaten to near death with a baseball bat; then will the Connecticut State Senate and State House of Representaives wish that they had not voted for this repeal? The respondents to a recent New London Day poll showed that 77% of the state residents wanted the Death penalty to remain. This is truly a sad day for the state of Connecticut. This is truly a sad day for all of the victims. This is truly a sad day for all the families of violent crimes.


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