Walmart and Monsanto: Joining Forces

The retail giant, Walmart, will soon start stocking their shelves with un-labeled, pesticide-laced GMO corn made by Monsanto.

The battle over labeling genetically modified foods (GMOs) wages on. In Connecticut, HB Bill 5117 would  of products containing GMOs and in California proposition 37 is slated for a November vote with the hopes of doing the same. 

To add more dissent , Walmart recently signed a deal with Monsanto to begin carrying a new corn variety, according to Business Insider. The corn is genetically modified to withstand excessive amounts of pesticides and herbicides. Specifically, those pesticides and herbicides manufactured by Monsanto itself.

The Monsanto Company is an agricultural biotechnology corporation that has cornered the market on producing genetically engineered (GE) seed. It also is the world’s leading producer of the herbicide glyphosate, otherwise known as “Roundup," according to the company's website.

The Monsanto sweet corn that Walmart will be carrying also contains Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) toxins. These toxins are lethal to certain insects. Bt is registered with the EPA as a pesticide. As such, it technically makes the corn itself a pesticide.

According to Monsanto’s website, the company claims that the Bt protein in its corn,  “Enables farmers to reduce their number of insecticide applications they make on their sweet corn by almost 85 percent. This reduces the chance for soil and groundwater contamination, which is important for farmers and their families. It also means sweet corn farmers don’t have to drive their tractors as often, which reduces their use of gasoline and minimizes greenhouse gas emissions.”

For a local CT farmer’s take on GMOs, , one of the leading supporters of the GMO labeling bill in Connecticut.

Walmart has stated that it will not label the sweet corn. The company is suggesting that customers who want GMO-free corn should purchase organic varieties instead.

Click here for a Non-GMO shopping guide if you are interested in avoiding GMOs. This guide is also available as a downloadable app for your smart phone.

What do you think about Monsanto's deal with Walmart?

Ron September 03, 2012 at 09:16 PM
I think life is full of choices and nothing is simple. People need to keep themselves informed and if they have concerns use only organic products. For myself, I will use a genetically modified but stable product over pesticide treated (& unlabeled) products any day.
Foofaraw September 04, 2012 at 01:29 AM
Walmart justifies GMOs with a stance that it's better than heavy use of pesticides? What about cutting back on pesticides altogether? They believe we are all stupid and lazy! Not me Walmart, you guys suck! Walmart stands for profit before people and Monsanto is just plain evil. Never shopping there again! Go to Hell Walmart!
Equineone September 04, 2012 at 08:53 PM
Walmart produce has always made me nervous anyway... now for sure I won't buy any.
my three sons September 09, 2012 at 12:22 PM
Bacillius thurengitis (sp) was introduced as a insect specific, lawn damaging grubs and beetles, natuarally occuring bacterium. spread in 1-4 foot sections of the lawn the idea is that the grubs become infected, die and their bodies decay spreading on to the next generations thereby ridding your lawn over time of pests and not harming other beneficials. [read past articles of Organic Gardening} . Problems begin when Monsanto starts genetically changing our produce directly, then we find out years later that if affects us in some way. Monsanto scientists probably eat organic due to what they've seen in clinical trials and what they know about genetically altered foods. Having had cancer, I would rather patronize our Organic growers any day!


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