What Sequestration Might Mean For Ledyard Schools

Superintendent Graner says programming funded by federal grants would be impacted.


mean for Ledyard schools could amount to a "significant" reduction in grant funding affecting the 2012-2013 budget bottom line.

Ledyard Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Michael Graner said that remedial education and special education programs supported by federal grants will be impacted.

"The Title I grant supports remedial education and funds the kindergarten," he said, "and special ed grant certainly would be impacted."

If the sequestration comes to pass, the reduction in funds could come as early as March, he said, which is when the Ledyard Public Schools is scheduled to receive a reimbursement for special education.

"We are very concerned about the sequestration," said Graner.

Title I is funding to improve the academic achievement of the disadvantaged. IDEA is special education funding and career/tech and is self explanatory.  

Graner said should the sequester be realized, he doesn’t believe the cuts will mean teacher layoffs because it will be allocated across many programs. He said a total estimated cost for this year's budget is hard to know at this point but "it would really affect the total school budget and we would try to make up that federal aid."

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