The Story of the Three Little Pigs and Christmas 2012

A Christmas story for children.

Once upon a time there were three little pigs that grew old enough to set off and make their own way in the world. Oh, the world was indeed a wondrous place, but it could also be an unpredictable and scary place, full of disasters like storms, and with mean creatures like the Big Bad "W" (who loved to prey upon tender little pigs!). It wasn't all "fun and games".

When it was apparent that shelter was necessary, each of them built a home.

One little piggy built her home from Gubmint-subsidized sticks because, hey, it was free, and the Gubmint said it was a good idea for every little pig to own a home, and so the Gubmint backed it fully. No worries!

Another little piggy built his house from straw, because he could borrow as much of it as he wanted from the too-big-to-fail hay farm and he could get a REALLY HUGE house and only pay a little per month to the farmer, who was a close friend of Santa Claws. How magic was THAT?!?!

The third little piggy thought about the world, with all its wonders and also its dangers.   She wanted to have a free house like her sister. She wanted to have a big house like her brother. She wanted to have a big screen TV and marble counter-tops and a study and a piggy-cave and a big black SUV and a gym membership and boat and ski vacations and private schools for her children - like many piggies in her community.  But as she pondered the world, she decided to save her money and build a really strong home from sturdy brick.

Her piggy friends laughed at the third little pig, who worked so diligently and spent so much time and effort building a strong but modest home with sturdy brick that she had paid for in cash.  In case of severe weather, she built the house with a strong roof and tight windows.  In case the Big Bad "W" came by, she added strong doors and devices for security protection.

One day the Big Bad "W" ran out of piggies (he had a big appetite for them), so he set out to catch some more.  At the first piggy’s house, he said, "Little pig, let me in, let me in!"  And the piggy with the house of sticks said, "not by the hair of my chinny, chin-chin!"  And Big Bad "W" replied, "Then I'll HUFF, and I'll PUFF, and I'll BLOW YOUR HOUSE DOWN!" (And he did!)

When the Big Bad "W" came to the straw piggy-house, the scene was repeated with the same result - tender pork roast for dinner!

When the Big Bad "W" came to the brick piggy-house, he tried the threats, and then he blew and he blew - but he could not blow the brick house down, and he went away.  The third little piggy and her family were so joyous as they looked forward to Christmas, safe and cozy. She had protected her family, and they were safe.

But then Santa Claws came to town.

He saw that many piggies had been eaten, and many others were left homeless and destitute, and he said, "Little piggies, this is NOT FAIR! You were preyed upon by Big Bad "W", and that was not your fault!  None of this was your fault! It isn't fair that some piggies are so lucky while other piggies are suffering. I will protect you against the Big Bad 'W' from now on and forever, and I can do it by taking bricks from the house of the more fortunate piggy and distributing them among you less fortunate piggies.

One lone piggy in the village square cried out, "But Mr. Claws, wouldn't that leave the brick house in shambles and the owner will move away to where it is safer, and we will still each have only a few bricks from which to build our own houses - not nearly enough for everyone to have shelter? Perhaps we should instead teach each piggy family how to make their own strong bricks, and then we would have a strong village that would be safe for everyone."

"Don't worry about what that piggy just said", Said Santa Claws dismissively. "He is probably one of those fortunate brick house-owning piggies who is greedy and doesn't want to share with other less fortunate piggies.  WE know he is just being selfish, don't we!?"  "And besides", said Santa Claws, "my elves and I have been making magic free bricks in huge quantities enough for everyone to have plenty, so there is no need to listen to selfish piggies like HIM  He needs to be taught to share the sacrifice - EVERYONE must SACRIFICE - but especially the fortunate piggies!"

All the down-and-out piggies in the village square cheered Santa Claws, and celebrated and laughed again.  Everything would be wonderful for everyone!

As the piggy that had been called "selfish" sadly looked upon the celebrating crowd of happy piggies, he warned them, "Those bricks they are mass-producing are not baked properly, and they contain no straw reinforcement.  They will crumble when the walls you are building get high enough, and your house will collapse upon itself!" Then he sadly left.

But Christmas time is no time for worries, and the other piggies just went about their lives and merriment.  After all, Santa Claws is magical!  He can work miracles!

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Bobbie December 16, 2012 at 05:21 PM
Get a life.


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