Graner Outlines Virtual Learning Opportunities

The Ledyard Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Michael Graner, explains expanded course offerings


Dr. Michael Graner, , provides some insight on the virtual learning offerings available through Ledyard schools in this report from The Day.

Ledyard Public Schools offers two types of virtual learning. The first, called Virtual High School, is "an organization consisting of thousands of certified teachers throughout the world who offer standards-based courses in a wide range of subjects," Graner explains in the report.

The second is software-based, called the Virtual Learning Program.

"Students enter this program for a variety of reasons," Graner says in the article.

"In some cases, they have not been successful with traditional classroom instruction but demonstrated greater productivity in an online learning environment, Graner explains in the report.

"Some students experience physical injuries or illness which prevent them from attending school for lengthy periods; in those cases, students do the assignments at home via computer and submit the work electronically to the supervising teacher."


Aisha Aberea February 27, 2012 at 10:44 AM
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