LCS Poets Write About Hurricane Sandy

The third installment of a series of poems written by Ledyard Center School sixth graders about Storm Sandy.


Ledyard Center School sixth graders were inspired by Superstorm Sandy and want to share their poems with Patch readers! The poems below are part of a series of poems submitted to the Ledyard Patch, give a shout out to these talented writers in the comments.

Pitch Black

by Cassondra Duzguner

The wind whistles.

The rain smacks at my bedroom windows.

I’m watching a movie, all comfy with my popcorn.

Just as the suspenseful part of the movie comes,

the light flickers

and dies out.

I sit there, in silence and darkness.

I remember about 15 minutes ago I looked at the clock.

It said “9:45pm.” Now it just shows blankness.

I spread my arms out to find my way to an exit.

I slowly shiver down the stairs,

not knowing where the last step will be,

hoping not to fall.

I reach downstairs, and plop on my couch,

just sitting there in the pitch black night.

I think.

Only light we’ll have is the candles burning.

My mom and dad find a flashlight,

and they light some candles.

No heat.

I feel for a blanket by my side.

Now I realize there’s more to electricity than T.V and computer.

I can’t wait

till the power’s back.

The Darkness of Sandy

by Andrew Boudah

The whistle of the wind,

Now a roar.

The darkness poured in.

I lay there.


Staring at emptiness.

The blank ceiling,

No distractions.

The crunches of branches.

The wind, still roaring.

Hours of darkness.


Time slowly rolled by.

Counted by the pitter-patter of rain.

The darkness died.

The sun’s dawn was here to lighten the world.

But, it couldn’t stay

The darkness rolled back.

The smoke of candles filled the air again.

Flickering lights from a flame.

I woke again.

It was blank and empty.

Quietly waiting.

For the suns dawn.


For it to rise.

Lighten the world.

Lighten happiness in people.

In this world, there are no distractions.

Home Sweet Home

by Rasean jordan


The tree branches CRASH



The candle smell, burn

We watch the sun go down

We bring blankets downstairs

And lay them near the fire

I grab the flashlight

And head up to the attic

look for the crank Radio

am radio


Updates about the weather

We huddle up around the fire

No one speaks

just listen


by Zachary Trout

 The power goes out

The rain pours, the wind pounds

laying in the living room

The Only one that is awake

Nothing moves


Fills my mind

Disconnected from the world Darkness is all you see

candle light

barely bounces off the walls

Hearing nothing, but rain

Thunder, lightning

Trees falling down

The storm goes on

Until silence

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