A Rooster and a Gentleman

This rooster takes his role of caretaker and provider seriously, but without the aggression toward people that many roosters possess.


Back in January, I on the Patch about our new beautiful, but imposing Cochin rooster we named Aslan.  At the time, I was very hesitant to introduce a rooster back into the flock because the last one we had became aggressive toward humans.  However, between my family’s pleading and the rooster’s breeder who insisted that Cochins are gentle giants, I relented. 

Aslan was a good decision.  He reminds one of a dinosaur when he runs, mostly because you can actually hear his footsteps, like timpani pounding on the ground.  His crowing is minimal, especially when compared to the neighbor’s rooster half a mile away who seems to crow non-stop.  The most astonishing observation of Aslan is how caring he is. 

I first observed Aslan’s nurturing instinct when I left two eggs I’d collected on the ground while I did something else.  He clucked and circled the eggs repeatedly, acting concerned that his future offspring were left unattended in the open. 

We often give our chickens leftovers to supplement their diet of layer pellets.  The hens come running as the goodies are tossed on the ground.  Aslan runs to eat too, but unlike the hens who will steal from each other, he’ll stand back and let the girls go first.  He has a bigger body to nourish, but he doesn’t need the calories the hens do to produce eggs. 

Our blueberry and raspberry bushes traditionally provide summer treats for the chickens too.  As we pick the blueberries, the chickens will stand around and on top of our feet, waiting for the next berry to fall their way.  The hens rush in like bridesmaids trying to catch the bouquet, grabbing and running with their prize with the others in hot pursuit.  Aslan seems to just supervise and provide.  He will actually pick up a fallen berry and, instead of gobbling it down himself, carry the morsel to a hen and drop it in front of her.  Who knew a rooster could be such a gentleman?


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