Patch Tips: When Your Car Overheats

A timely tip from a pro about what to do when your car can't handle the summer heat.


It's the time of year for barbeques, pool parties, trips to the beach...and maybe a trip to the mechanic if your car starts to overheat in the summer weather.

A Tolland Parks & Facilities mechanic named Jeff Horn, who maintains a big portion of the town's trucks, cars, mowers and more, gives some advice on what to do when the heat gets the best of your car.

Carrie Jacobson July 14, 2012 at 11:43 AM
If you're in traffic and you see the temp gauge start to rise to dangerous territory, turn on the heat and the fan as high as possible. This sucks the heat out of the engine and will often give you enough of a break to let you get to the side of the road. I had a Renault (remember them?) that overheated all the time, and this always worked. You swelter, but it's better to cook yourself for a few minutes than to cook your car forever.


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