CT Red Cross Volunteers Head South For Hurricane Isaac

Two men left the Waterford Red Cross site Monday to help out for the pending hurricane.


Late in the afternoon on Saturday, FX Williams of Ledyard received a phone call from the Red Cross asking him if he wanted to go down south for two weeks and help people after Hurricane Isaac hits.

Williams originally said no, as he and his wife Karen were preparing for their annual family reunion, a 60-year-old tradition. But after thinking about it, Williams realized that going down south would be a lot more important – and a lot more rewarding – then a family picnic.

“You know, in the big scheme of things, (the picnic) isn’t as important,” Williams said. “So I’m going.”

Williams and Bozrah’s Herb Zickwolf, two of the five Red Cross volunteers from eastern Connecticut headed south, left from the Red Cross building in Waterford on Monday to help out for the impending Hurricane Isaac. The storm has yet to hit the United States, although it is expected to be a Category 1 or 2 hurricane and hit the southeastern part of the country today, according to news reports.

What The Duo Will Do

Williams and Zickwolf, along with many other Red Cross volunteers, will drive down south in a Red Cross truck and give food to people who need it. The two are going because the Red Cross sends volunteers across the country to help places in need, much like it did during Tropical Storm Irene, Red Cross Senior Director of Disaster Services Sue Bolen said.

“When Irene hit us last year, volunteers from around the country came in and helped the Red Cross,” Bolen said. “So in turn, we are sending some folks down south.”

Williams and Zickwolf will spend two week down south, doing what they’ve both been trained to do. Williams, who has never gone on a Red Cross volunteer trip before, said he was excited for the opportunity, and said he hoped he would find it rewarding.

“You come home from two weeks hungry, tired, worked your (butt) off, plop yourself down in your fancy little couch, in your fancy little living room, in your fancy little house, which has a roof on it – still – and you just realize how lucky you are,” Williams said. “Whether you’ve been in the fires of Colorado or a flood in Florida or a hurricane in Louisiana, you realize your a pretty lucky guy. I can’t imagine that’s not going to feel really good.”

Interested in volunteering with the Red Cross? Call the at 860-447-3248.


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