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Well first and foremost I am a cowboy, there is no question about that, and being unable to afford a horse, I am relegated to farming.I miss my farrier days, as shoeing horses was one of my most joyous pastimes, a good place for a scrapper, and a strong willed person to be.
I studied Aikido, because being a scrapper with a passion, I unfortunately landed in the hospital several times(the stuff you whisper about), and felt that on the mat i could express my outrage at the nazi-like corporate greed that surrounds us in a sharp, well defined manner. Aikido teaches one to harmonize with the attacker, to use the attackers force against them.it is a blessing to take on such a wonderful adversary as the MONSANTO corporation, their highly defined skills in lying and stupidity, make them my greatest ally in bringing them to their knees, they are their own worst enemy...and i love to help them along. I have such great love of God, nature, and this life of ours, it is very simple for me to marry them, and"Untill death do us part" look for the perfect graveyard to rid the earth of their corporate greed,and how long will this take? Well perhaps a few generations, BUT IT WILL BE DONE, if we as a people hope to survive here on earth.
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