Valentine Crafts Treasure Trove On Pinterest

Here are some great crafts, food and more, inspired by my new obsession

Since signing up for Pinterest–or should I say being invited as it's very exclusive–I've tried out quite a few of the ideas shared including organizing my junk drawer and hanging my scarves with shower rings and found lots of new recipes, including cheesy enchiladas (these were awesome!).  

I've also added about 20 amazing places to my travel wish list, found some dream projects for around the house and pinned lots of things to keep the kids busy. However, I digress into my Pinterest obsession.

In case you're not sure how Pinterest works, it's basically a virtual bulletin board where you can pin websites of things that interest you, things you want to try, pictures or words that inspire you, etc. You choose the photo from the webpage that will be pinned to your board and add a caption that everyone on Pinterest can see. When you click the picture, it links you back to the source.

With Valentine's Day less than a week away, the boards have been chock full of pink, red, hearts and and .

So here's some of the fun crafts that stood out to me:

The Frugal Fun Family Blog offers a host of projects incuding Secret Message hearts. Just use a white crayon to write a message on a cutout heart and after your children find them, they can use paints to reveal the message.

There are nine homemade Valentine's you can try on The Kid's Fun Review, including a shovel in a bag of M&M's that says 'I dig you!,' thumbprints decorated as 'Love Bugs' and a Valentine attached to a pencil that says, "You're 'write' for me!"

We went with friendship bracelets attached to Valentine's that say, "Our class would 'knot' be the same without you!" Found on Dandee Designs, I took a simpler route and went with rectangles instead of her very cute scallop-edged circles. Check out the photo gallery to see a couple of Eliza's finished product.

Looking for Valentine's Day snacks? There's no shortage there either with everything from heart-shaped fruit kabobs on It's All in My Head to Luxe Finds' marshmallow pops and cupcakes and, of course, S'More Love Bars on It's a Crafty Life.

Interested in more ideas, Valentine's or otherwise? Check out Pinterest. But you need an invite to join, so find a friend on it and dive in!


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