Birth Announcements: Dec. 22 to Jan. 1

Birth announcements from Lawrence + Memorial Hospital.


12/22/12 George H. DeMontigny and Amy Bartlett, daughter, Mystic.

12/22/12 Christopher R. Bosselman and Whitney (VanderPloeg) Bosselman, son, Groton.

12/23/12 Michael Mazzella and Sarah Patterson, son, Waterford.

12/23/12 Leusy I. Ulloa and Kelly Slater, son, Norwich.

12/23/12 David C. Vacca and Katie (Gaccione) Vacca, son, Westerly, RI.

12/24/12 Craig S. DiPalma-Herb and Kathryn (DiPalma) DiPalma-Herb, son, Gales Ferry.

12/24/12 Richard N. Parsons and Heather (Lagrone) Parsons, son, Groton.

12/24/12 Leonardo F. Gaviria and Vevalee Valentin, son, Norwich.

12/24/12 Jorge L. Figueroa and Kaitlyn Wilson, daughter, Groton.

12/25/12 Paul J. Jambor and Jennifer (Chittenden) Jambor, daughter, Ledyard.

12/25/12 Joel E. Donahue and Jennifer Fogg, son, New London.

12/26/12 Joseph J. Hardwick III and Jennifer (Peluso) Manson, son, New London.

12/26/12 Michael L. LeHouillier and Brittany Schalla, daughter, Preston.

12/26/12 Charles A. Steinhart V and Amber (Hill) Steinhart, daughter, North Stonington.

12/27/12 Garon S. VanOverloop and Nicole (DuPont) VanOverloop, son, Waterford.

12/27/12 Joshua B. Cagle and Erica Ortiz, son, Jewett City.

12/27/12 Federico J. Roca and Elizabeth Roca, son, Groton.

12/27/12 Nathanial S. McLean and Rikki (Higgins) McLean, daughter, Groton.

12/28/12 Manuel J. Lucena-Martinez and Sabrina Zaring, daughter, New London.

12/28/12 Topaze Stinson, daughter, Hartford.

12/28/12 Matthew T. Delucia and Holly (Warren) Delucia, daughter, Groton.

12/29/12 Dean M. Perry and Brandi (Tootell) Perry, daughter, Groton.

12/29/12 Michael C. Cyr and Erica (Robertson) Cyr, daughter, Mystic.

12/30/12 Sayda Lagos Mendez, daughter, New London.

12/30/12 Daniel G. Allen and Laura (Lentz) Allen, daughter, Groton.

12/30/12 Evan Z. Bobzin and Tatiana (Ostrovskaya) Bobzin, daughter, Chester.

12/31/12 Matthew W. Chapman and Elizabeth (LaBrie) Chapman, son, Groton.

12/31/12 Ravikant C. Sanap and Madhuri Sanap, daughter, Groton.

1/1/13 William H. Devers III and Megan (Martino) Devers, son, Groton.



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