Birth Announcements: Jan. 28 to Feb. 10

Births at L+M Hospital


1/28/13 Scott E. Daimler and Morgan (Henninger) Daimler, son, Gales Ferry.

1/28/13 Anthony T. Johnson Sr. and Verasavinia (Jarvis) Johnson, son, Groton.

1/29/13 Jaime O. Mateo Sr. and Jessica Goody, son, Uncasville.

1/29/13 Randy P. Harris and Heather (Dubrule) Harris, son, Noank.

1/29/13 Robert A. Piscitello III and Amy Hogberg, daughter, Taftville.

1/30/13 Steven J. Reardon and Nina (Deppen) Reardon, daughter, Groton.

1/31/13 Alexis Bendezu and Marcia Cierto, daughter, New London.

2/1/13 Angelo Burgos and Allicia (Green) Burgos, daughter, Groton.

2/1/13 Chad M. Meckley and Nicole (Morris) Meckley, daughter, Mystic.

2/2/13 Adam D. Strelczuk and Tracey (Niedbala) Strelczuk, son, Mystic.

2/4/13 Steven J. Ampania and Danielle (Owens) Ampania, son, Norwich.

2/5/13 Joseph A. Calash Sr. and Michelle Calash, daughter, Oakdale.

2/5/13 Brenton L. Ewing and Hesti (Sianawati) Ewing, daughter, New London.

2/5/13 Eduardo Guilbert III and Olivia Romanofski, daughter, Ledyard.

2/5/13 Brian M. Umland and Tami (Thomas) Umland, daughter, New London.

2/6/13 Justin T. Montgomery and Holly Doran, daughter, New London.

2/6/13 Brandon L. Lindbeck and Emma (Mosher) Lindbeck, daughter, Gales Ferry.

2/6/13 Heather Lindell, son, Preston.

2/6/13 Maurilio Garcia and Martha Lopez, son, New London.

2/7/13 Dwayne Berry Jr. and Kathryn Pellowski, daughter, Ledyard.

2/7/13 Owen W. Miller and Twila Thibeault, daughter, Ledyard.

2/8/13 Joshua R. Cardoza and Alison Kambeitz-Cardoza, daughter, Waterford.

2/8/13 William K. Kimball and Jeanine Kimball, daughter, New London.

2/9/13 Julio A. Esteves Jr. and Erica Brown, daughter, Noank.

2/10/13 Adam R. Collins and Corrie (Rollinson) Collins, daughter, Canterbury.


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