For The Love of Teachers and Children

An ornament tree is a quiet memorial for the people forever affected by the shootings in Newtown.


In the wake of Friday's shootings in Newtown, parents may be have to answer a lot of questions and calm a lot of fears. One Ledyard Patch reader said that many families will choose not to tell their young children about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.

If parents are having difficulty explaining the tragedy and soothing their children, counselors will be available Monday to talk about it, according to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Graner.

And, at the suggestion of De'Anna Shepherd-Smith parents and staff of the Gales Ferry school began adding Christmas ornaments to a tree ouside the school.

"Please add an ornament to a tree near your child's school," said Maze Stephan. "This quiet memorial will carry great meaning for all."

Stephen said they plan to take down the ornaments on January 2nd and store them for next year.


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