The 10 Highest Property Sales in Ledyard in 2012

One property sold for more than $4 million, the rest are in the mid to high $300K range.


In 2012, there was a steady transfer of property in the Town of Ledyard. While most transactions were well below $300K, here is a look at the highest property sales of 2012 in Ledyard:

All dates are when the properties were recorded in Town Hall, often later than the day the property sold.

1. On December 17, Connecticut CVS Pharmacy, LLC transferred property located at the corner of Route 12 and Hurlbutt Road to DS Gales Ferry CT Landlord for $4,230,000.

2. On June 18, Berkeley Cue, Jr. and Louise Cue transferred property located at 12 Eska Drive to Lia Parico, of Groton, for $395,000

3. On April 6, David M. McCall, of Old Lyme, transferred property known as Lot #19 in the Chriswood re-subdivision to Edward G. and Jessica R. Allen for $392,000.

4. On July 27, Wilfred and Mabel L. Dennie transferred property located at 6 Spruce Street to Michael E. Lehocky of Enterprise, Ala., for $389,000.

5. On March 1, Green Falls Associates, LLC transferred property known as Lot 22 on Chidley Way to John M. and Chrisanne Z. Sequin for  $362,700.

6. On June 25, Michael Martin transferred property located 5 Cranwood Road to the US Army Corps of Engineers for $360,894.75.

7. On April 19, Trevor S. and Kimberly A. Chandonnait transferred property located at 23R Cardinal Lane to Dennis J. and Susan G. McKelvey for 356,250.

8.On May 31, Robert E. and Katherine A. Barron transferred property located at L9 Winfield Way to Prudential Relocation, Inc. for $352,500.

9. On January 31, David J. and Alicia M. Beebie transferred property located at 12 Hermitage Drive to Katie E. Ellis and Paul L. Ruddy for $350,200

10. On December 18, Green Falls Associates, LLC transferred property known as Lot #17 on Chidley Way to Scott C. and Bethany J. Jensen for $349,900.

Sue January 01, 2013 at 11:41 PM
Why on earth would anyone pay over $350,000 to live in Ledyard?


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