Bowles’ Bill to Streamline Social Services

With this legislation, social service agencies could coordinate their services by county.


State Representative Tim Bowles (D-Preston/Ledyard/Montville) has authored legislation to spur the regional delivery of state service.

"Regional collaboration is a proven way to save money and create a more efficient government," Rep. Bowles said.

An Act Concerning the Regional Delivery of Social Services (HB 5267) would create eight service areas in the state. The state departments of Social Services, Children and Families, Developmental Services and Mental Health and Addiction Services would coordinate the delivery of services in these service areas.

"Allowing these service providers to work together is a common sense approach to government," said Bowles said. "Many families who receive state services are getting help from more than one department.  This proposal would streamline the process and benefit taxpayers, service providers and service recipients."

The eight service areas would be delineated by the state's county boundaries.

For instance, in New London County, DCF and DSS and DMAS may all serve one family and that is three case workers providing service. The bill would allow the departments to work together and eliminate that overlap.

The legislation (HB 5267) has been referred to the Legislature's Human Services Committee. 

Rep. Timothy Bowles serves on the Environment, Aging and Human Services committees.


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