How Ledyard Voted in the 2012 Elections

A look at how the town voted in the 2012 elections.


These are the results in Ledyard. However, Democrats Chris Murphy, Joe Courtney, Cathy Osten, Ted Moukawsher and Tim Bowles have all won their respective races.

Republicans Romney and Ryan: 1,717
Democrats Obama and Biden:  1844
Independents Anderson and Rodriguez: 30
Libertarians Johnson and Gray: 45

United States Senator
Republican Linda McMahon: 1,689
Democrat Christopher Murphy: 1,747
Libertarian Paul Passarelli: 101

Representative in Congress
Republican Paul Formica: 2,124
Democrat Joe Courtney: 2,245
Green Colin Bennett: 36
Libertarian Daniel Reale: 54

State Senator

Republican Chris Coutu: 1,841
Democrat Cathy Osten: 1,555

State Representative
Republican Mike France: 1,781
Democrat Timothy Bowles: 1,584

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